What I admire most about René Gruau

  • Graphical simplicity, rigor, just the right amount of detail and space.
  • Portraying presence through absence.
  • Bright primary colors.
  • The flexibility of lines and bold strokes.
  • Allusions and tantalizing tales, that emanated glamour, drama, and elegance.
  • His ability to compose color, line, and shape in a harmonious elegant method. 

“A line…is the basis of all art. With a single line, we can express grandeur, nobility, and sensuality; the line synthesizes sensations and concentrates knowledge.”

René  Gruau

Some interesting facts about Gruau’s life:

  • Gruau’s artistic talent merited his publication at the age of 14 and by the time he reached 18, he was published internationally.
  • Gruau’s artwork is recognized and commended internationally in some of Paris and Italy’s most prestigious art museums including the Louvre in Paris.
  • Gruau got inspired by classical Japanese drawings and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s sketches.
  • His mother, a fashionable French aristocrat, became his first muse.
  • Gruau became Dior’s favorite illustrator, as he shared with him the same ideal of femininity: their women had narrow waists and fully-flared skirts and were based on a mix of femininity, rigor, and elegance. Also, they were close friends.

More information about this iconic fashion illustrator in Bil Donovan article and Anna Battista note “René Gruau and the Line of Beauty”.